Here are the fees and charges applicable to the Everyday Access Account.  For clarification of any of these fees and charges, please contact us.

Everyday Access Account fees



Monthly fee - effective from 1 January 2020 $0
ATM withdrawal at any ATM* Free 
Balance enquiry at any ATM* Free
EFTPOS using Visa Debit Card (credit or savings button) Free
EFTPOS purchase with cash out Free
Internet banking external transfer Free
Internet Banking internal transfer Free
BPAY® payment Free
Direct credit Free
Payroll credit Free
Direct debits Free
Overseas Visa Debit Card ATM withdrawal $5
*You may be charged a direct charge fee by the ATM operator for withdrawals or balance enquiries.   


Service fees



Direct Debit Dishonour - when payment of a direct debit from your account is rejected. Charged on the day of the dishonour $25
Periodical Payment Dishonour - when payment of a periodical payment from your account is rejected. Charged on the day of the dishonour $20
Account Combination Fee - charged if we have to offset the credit balance of any of your deposit accounts against any debit owing by you $5
Overdrawn Fee - charged on accounts that become overdrawn by $50.00 or more in a calendar month. Charged last day of each month $10 per month
Dishonour Fee - when payment of a cheque deposited in your account is rejected. Charged on the day of the dishonour $9


Specially requested services



Replacement of VISA Debit Card (within Australia) $12.50
Replacement of VISA Debit Card overseas US$175*
Cancel replacement Visa Debit Card overseas US$50*
Copy of Visa Voucher $20
Visa chargebacks $25
International Conversion Fee - This is payable on all transactions made overseas on VISA Debit Cards 3% of transaction value in $AUD
Inward Swift payment - domestic or international transfer is credited to your account $6.60
Outward Swift payment - domestic transfer is debited to your account $20
Forced Payment - direct debit paid on insufficient funds $20
Stop payment of funds transfer to or from another financial institution At cost
Retrieve cashiering vouchers or any other document $20 per item
Payment services - credit union cheque At cost
Stop payment on a credit union cheque $15


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