This page details frequently asked questions about Home Loans.

Who can apply for Easy Home?

To apply for Easy Home you will need to be:

  1. An Australian resident
  2. At least 18 years of age

How do I apply for a home loan online?

Applying is simply a matter of answering a number of questions asked in the online application process. The information will be captured in a secure form, and once we have received the application, it will be reviewed by our loan assessors. Alternatively, you can contact Easy Street Direct on 1300 13 14 65 to talk to one of our home loan specialists and apply over the phone.

What information will I need to provide in my application?

  • Your salary and details of any other income, such as rent or dividends
  • If you are self-employed, your income figure from your last years tax return
  • Your current employer's details (name, address and phone number)
  • Details of your assets and liabilities including home and other property values, the values of your savings and investments, shares, life insurance, motor vehicles and personal effects
  • Details of all your monthly financial commitments (payments made for other loans/credit cards/store accounts, etc)

What happens after I have applied?

You will be notified on screen if you have passed our initial checks. We will then contact you within 1 business day to discuss next steps. 

How much deposit do I need?

You will need at least 5% of the value of the property as a deposit, plus you will need to cover other costs such as legal costs and mortgage stamp duty.

What properties will Easy Street lend against?

Easy Street Home Loans cannot be used for owner-builder properties, to purchase vacant land, or for rural properties greater than 10 hectares. If you are unsure if the property you are considering qualifies, please contact us or call Easy Street Direct on 1300 13 14 65.

How do I make repayments on my Easy Street Home Loan?

Repayments can be made by automatic direct debit from a nominated bank account, an Easy Street Everyday Access Account or arrange a direct credit from your salary.

How do I pay off my home loan faster?

By increasing the frequency of your repayments, you can reduce the principal of your loan faster, thereby reducing both the amount of interest you pay and the term of your loan. 

To work out exactly how much you could save, check out our Extra Repayments Simulator. 

You will not incur a penalty for early payout of your variable home loan. If you have a fixed home loan, you are able to make extra repayments up to $25,000 per year without penalty.

How often will I receive a statement?

If you have a home loan with Easy Street, we will issue you with a statement every 4 months. 

Account information is also available by accessing your Account through Easy Street Internet Banking.

Still not sure?

We've attempted to answer a range of common questions here, but if you're still not sure, you might like to contact us so that one of our friendly staff can answer any additional questions.

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