This page details Easy Street's Internet Banking transfer limits and instructions on how you can request a temporary increased limit on your account.

Current daily transfer limits

Transfer type

Daily Limit

Internal transfer (between Easy Street and Community First accounts) Unlimited
Credit external (a transfer to an external account) $2,500 per day
Debit external (debiting an external account from within Easy Street Internet Banking) $2,500

How to increase your daily limit

We understand that there are occasions where you may need to move a larger amount of money out of your Easy Street account. You can request a higher daily limit on your Easy Street account for external credits however please note that your limit will need to be reduced back down to $2,500 once you have finished your transaction. We do not recommend maintaining higher daily limits on your accounts on an ongoing basis.

Requested amount

What you need to do

Greater than $2,500 and up to $10,000

Send us your request via secure email. Secure email can be accessed by clicking 'other' followed by 'secure email' from the top menu from within Easy Street Internet Banking.

Alternatively, call us on 1300 13 14 65 to action this request.

More than $10,000 per day (maximum $100,000) Complete this form and return it to us via post, email or fax:

Authorisation to Increase Internet Banking Limit Form

Please note that:

  • For security reasons, we will take steps to further verify your identity when you contact us.
  • Limit increase requests for accounts with a two to sign authority require the approval of both account holders to action the request.