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  • RBA Interest Rate Reduction

    18 September 2015

    Following the February 2015 RBA announcement, Easy Street is reducing our Basic Variable rates by 0.25%p.a.

    Key Changes to all new and existing business – Effective Wednesday 24 February 2015

    For more details, visit our interest rates page.

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  • Verification of Identity for Mortgages

    11 January 2018

    100 Point ID Check Requirements

    As part of Verification of Identity, from January 2015 (NSW) all people who borrow money via a mortgage, need to present valid documentation face to face to meet the 100 point identification requirements. The National Verification of Identity requirements fall under Real Property Regulations (NSW) 2014 and applies when establishing a mortgage. We cannot allow settlement of your mortgage until we sight the valid original identification documents.

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  • What to ask your agent before buying a house

    11 January 2018

    PuzzleAsk your agent these questions before you buy...

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  • Tips to help you reduce your debts

    11 January 2018

    If your current level of debt is stopping you from doing some of the things you'd like, our tips can help you be on your way to reducing your debts faster.

    cutting a hedge to symbolise trimming debt

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  • Offset account calculator

    01 May 2019

    calculator keys

    By utilising the offset account on your home loan, you’ll reduce the amount of interest you pay. And the more money you have sitting in your offset account, the more money you’ll save.

    The balance of your savings is simply offset against the amount you owe on your loan because interest is earned at the same rate as your loan. 

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  • Investment property calculator

    21 November 2018

    Investment property calculator options from Easy Street

    Watch and saving time

    If you're considering buying an investment property, or have an existing investment property loan and are looking to refinance, our investment property calculator options can help.

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  • 2 year fixed home loan awarded 5 star rating | Easy Street

    11 January 2018

    Friday 12th November 2009

    Easy Street's 2 year fixed home loan has been awarded a 5 star rating for outstanding value from Canstar Cannex. The Canstar Cannex 5 star ratings provide an independent and transparent assessment of home loan products based on pricing and features.

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  • Interest Offset Savings Chart

    How to manage interest rate rises

    11 January 2018

    Interest Offset Savings Chart

    Following are some tips to help you stay on top of your home loan in a rising interest rate environment

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