Mazar malware attacking Android phones: Alert Priority High 

Security researchers are reporting that new highly advanced malware is being used to attack Android smartphones. The malware, known as Mazar, is delivered through an unsolicited SMS or MMS message incorporating a web link. If a user clicks on the link, an attacker can gain full administrator-level control of the phone and perform tasks such as sending premium text messages, accessing or changing confidential data and making phone calls. The malware also incorporates tools that inject new code into websites, steal passwords and change data before the user sees it. Stay Smart Online advises that you be cautious about clicking links in SMS or MMS messages, emails or websites, especially if those messages come from unknown sources. The Mazar malware is being sold online to allow cybercriminals to attack Android phones. The code may be used in conjunction with other attacks, including scams or fake app installations. The best protection against Mazar is vigilance when clicking on links, particularly if the destination is unknown or untrustworthy. Stay Smart Online also recommends that you keep your smartphone secure and install the latest updates as soon as they are made available.

Below is a list of common questions you may have about our Mobile Banking app. If you are having any issues with Mobile Banking, please visit our Mobile Banking Trouble Shooting page.

  1. What is the Mobile Banking app?
  2. Are there any costs?
  3. How do I get it?
  4. Who can use it?
  5. What devices are compatible?
  6. Why am I asked for 2 different passwords when registering for the first time?
  7. Is Mobile Banking secure?
  8. How can I maintain the security of my Mobile Banking details?
  9. What if I lose my phone or it’s stolen?
  10. Can I access Mobile Banking when I'm overseas?
  11. I’ve forgotten my Internet Banking username or password. What should I do?
  12. I’ve forgotten my 4 digit PIN. How do I reset it?

What is the Mobile Banking app?

The Easy Street Mobile Banking App let’s you access most features of Internet Banking as well as an ATM and important contact information, securely from your mobile phone. It makes managing your money when you’re on the go easier than ever.

Are there any costs?

The app is absolutely free to download. You may incur data charges from your mobile phone provider for downloads. You should contact your provider to confirm these costs.

How do I get it?

Simply search for Easy Street in the relevant Store (Apple Store/iTunes or Google Play) When you find the right app, download it.

Who can use it?

You need to be an existing member of Easy Street with Internet Banking access to access the app.

What devices are compatible?

All Apple and Android smart phone devices are compatible. A Windows smartphone app is coming soon. While the app will work on tablets, it is not optimised for tablets. This simply means that the functionality will work however it may not visually appear as intended.

For tablet users, we recommend you access mobile banking via the mobile banking URL and save it to your home screen as a shortcut for fast future access.

Why am I asked for 2 different passwords when registering for the first time?

The first time you download the app, after agreeing to the terms and conditions, you will be shown a screen asking for your username and password, and optionally, PIN number access and account balance display.

You need to register a membership number and password to the app. The username and password should be your usual Internet Banking username and password.

The 4 digit PIN and account balance display can be switched off at this step and turned on again at any time via ‘settings’ from within the app. The 4 digit password gives you a simpler, faster login process. Next time you login, you will be taken to the home screen and will only need your 4 digit PIN to login to mobile banking, rather than your full username and password. The account balance display gives you a quick balance feature. Under ‘notifications’ in the app, you can view your account balance without having to login.

Is Mobile Banking secure?

Yes! Mobile Banking has the same security procedures as regular Internet Banking. All data between Easy Street and our Members is 128-bit SSL-encrypted. No data is stored on your phone and you can disable access via Internet banking if you lose the phone. Your Internet Banking session will also time out after a 10 minute period of inactivity. The app can only be installed a maximum of 5 times before you are required to contact us and delete previous registrations to prevent repeated unauthorised access attempts.

How can I maintain the security of my Mobile Banking details?

Do not install any items on your smartphone that are not approved by the provider and never jailbreak your phone. In addition, always maintain a PIN number on the device and don’t store any passwords in your phone. This will help to maintain the high level of security of your handset and its contents.

Installing items not approved by Apple or Android will leave your phone vulnerable to being targeted by malware. We recommend you read our Mobile Banking Security Tips for further information. If you have installed software on your device that has not been approved by Apple, you can use iTunes to restore the device to Apple’s factory firmware. Changing passwords alone will not protect you from any malware.  

What if I lose my phone or it’s stolen?

You can instantly disable access for your membership number to mobile banking yourself from Internet Banking. Select ‘Other’ followed by ‘Mobile Banking’ from the top menu. You should then change your password via Internet Banking and contact us to request that we remove the app registration to that device.

Can I access Mobile Banking when I'm overseas?

Yes, however data roaming charges may apply. To find out more, please contact your mobile service provider. Please note that transfers direct to overseas accounts are not possible from Mobile or Internet Banking.

What happens to my session if my phone locks from inactivity?

For security reasons, the Mobile banking session will become inactive after 10 minutes of inactivity. Simply sign on again if this happens.

I’ve forgotten my Internet Banking username or password. What should I do?

You must be registered for Internet Banking to use the mobile banking app. To reset your Internet Banking password or if you have forgotten your member number, you will need to contact us. You will be required to answer some security questions for your password to be reset or to retrieve your member number.

Please note that Easy Street does not retain your Internet Banking password for security reasons. If you have forgotten your password, it will need to be reset with a new one.

I’ve forgotten my 4 digit PIN. How do I reset it?

Your 4 digit PIN is different to your Internet Banking password. It is a short password designed to work within the app only, not within Internet Banking to give you faster login to mobile banking. To reset your PIN, you can either:

  1. Delete and reinstall the app. You will need to register for the app again. Please note that the maximum number of app registrations per membership is 5. If you delete, re-install and register the app on one or more devices, you will need to contact us after the 5th time as you will get an error message advising that you have reached the maximum number of device registrations. This is a security feature designed to prevent your membership being registered across too many devices or over and over again on the one device in case there was an attempt to access your account.
  2. Contact us and request the PIN to be removed. When you go back in to the app, go to settings from the bottom menu within the app and select “Reset PIN”. It will prompt you to enter a new PIN and save it.