Budgeting spreadsheets

11 January 2018

sticky note pad papersBudgeting spreadsheets can help you assess your financial position to work out where you are now and where you need to be. It can highlight where you spend too much money, where you can make savings and help you re-think how to allocate your money. Budgeting spreadsheets also make you stop and think about where your money is going and is the first step in working out a realistic savings plan for yourself.

Easy Street's online budget planner at the bottom of this page is an example of one of the many budgeting spreadsheets available. It is broken down in to categories of income, expenses, insurance/super, loans, transport and leisure. Simply enter your income and expenses in the boxes available.

Unlike some of the more manual spreadsheets, it provides you with a summary at the end which automatically calculates your total expenses, and any surplus available.

What about surplus funds?

The surplus available should be used to put towards your savings. Once you have finished your budget, you should review it to see where any adjustments need to be made. In fact, you should make a habit of reviewing your budget every few months, or when your circumstances change. For example, a change to your income, expenses and spending patterns.

If you find you don't have any surplus funds left, this means that you are living beyond your means and need to make some adjustments. You should refer to our money saving tips and money saving ideas to help you through making this change

Once you're done

Once you've finished, you can save, print or email the results and file it away in a place you can easily access when you need it.

If you're ready to put a new savings plan in to action, you can compare our online savings accounts, work out how much you can save over time with our savings account calculator or do some more research on our online saver accounts to help you understand your individual needs.


The information contained in this article is only correct at the point of time of publication. It is general information and has been prepared without taking into account your personal circumstances, objectives or needs. Please consider if this information is right for you before making a decision to acquire any product.

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