rediATM scheme changes

26 March 2019
On 1 April 2019, we’re leaving the rediATM scheme. This decision means you may be charged a direct charge fee when withdrawing cash from a rediATM after this date. We’ve had a long-term link to the rediATM scheme to enable us to provide our members with access to a national network of ATMs free of direct charge fees.
Why we’re changing
In late 2018, many local and foreign banks removed ATM direct charge fees for customers with cards from competing banks. This significant change of heart by the banks means Easy Street cardholders won’t be charged a fee when accessing cash from the ATMs of the major banks. Moreover, this development enables you to access your cash from over 10,000 ATMs across Australia, direct charge free.
Will I be charged a fee when using a rediATM?
The rediATM scheme charges cardholders a direct charge fee to use its ATMs unless their financial institution has a partnership with the network. So from 1 April 2019, you may be charged a direct charge fee when using a rediATM, however you’ll be notified on screen if a fee is applicable and can cancel the transaction if you don’t wish to proceed. 

What are my options if I want to avoid direct charge fees?

  1. Get cash out at the checkout when buying groceries instead
  2. Use an ATM at one of our stores listed above from 1 April 2019.
  3. Find a bank ATM that is direct charge free. Talk to our friendly staff if you need assistance finding one. Remember that you’re always given the option to cancel the transaction if there is a direct charge fee and you don’t want to pay it. 

What stays the same?

Although we’re leaving the rediATM scheme, it won’t impact the ways you can pay for goods and services. Getting cash out at a supermarket checkout won’t change. Plus, with the convenience of tap and go using Visa payWave, and fast payments using your PayID, you’ll find there are a number of convenient ways to pay, that don’t involve the need to access cash at an ATM.

Will Easy Street ATM fees change?

Currently, Easy Street may charge a fee when you use an ATM. There is no change to this fee as it is not related to the direct charge fee that will be charged by rediATM from 1 April.

However, we have taken the opportunity to make everyday banking even greater value by removing ATM fees from the S11 Easy Street Easy Everyday account. Using this account, instead of receiving 5 x free rediATM transactions per month, account holders will now receive unlimited ATM transactions.

Are there any other changes? 

From 1 April 2019, you won’t be able to change your card’s PIN at a rediATM. However, if you can remember your current PIN you can still change it using the Easy Street mobile app. If your memory fails, you can order a new card directly from our mobile app. 

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