Verification of Identity for Mortgages

11 January 2018

100 Point ID Check Requirements

As part of Verification of Identity, from January 2015 (NSW) all people who borrow money via a mortgage, need to present valid documentation face to face to meet the 100 point identification requirements. The National Verification of Identity requirements fall under Real Property Regulations (NSW) 2014 and applies when establishing a mortgage. We cannot allow settlement of your mortgage until we sight the valid original identification documents.

What types of ID do I need to provide to meet the identification requirements?

You are required to present 100 points of identification using documents such as your Drivers Licence and Passport. You must provide at least one primary document and at least one of these documents must contain your current residential address, and all of your documents need to be original, current and contain your full name. The form you submit to Australia Post details the types of documentation you can provide. (See below)

How do I arrange verification of Identity through Australia Post?

You will need to complete the Land Title Identity Verification Form and take it to your nearest Australia Post outlet along with the relevant forms of ID. They will verify your ID according to the identification requirements. Please note that this service incurs a fee payable to Australia Post.

Need a hand or have a question?

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