Managing your accounts is always easier when you know where to find what you need. There are a number of downloadable forms that you may find throughout this website or may need as an Easy Street Member. For this reason, we have provided you with a one stop shop for all the forms you may need to use as a Member of Easy Street.



What you should use it for

Authorisation to increase internet banking limit
To increase your daily internet banking limit to do a one off transfer out of your account. Click here for more information on what our internet banking transfer limits are.
Rate lock fee If you are applying for a fixed home loan and would like to guarantee the rate current at the time your loan application is full approved.
Home loan switch To arrange to switch from one Easy Street home loan to another Easy Street home loan.
Membership application for new loan customers When you apply for a loan with Easy Street and you are not already a Member
How to verify your ID To arrange verification of your identity offline
Set up an automatic regular savings plan To set up an automatic regular savings plan on your Easy Savings or Bonus Saver account. A maximum of $2,000 each month can be withdrawn from an external Australian bank account in your name and deposited in to your savings account with Easy Street
Cancellation of external debit To cancel an external debit authority on your Easy Savings or Bonus Saver account. This will mean removing your nominated linked account.
Disputed transaction To lodge a dispute in relation to a Visa transaction, an unauthorised ATM or EFTPOS transaction or an ATM malfunction.
Payroll split request To instruct whole or part of your pay to be allocated to nominated Easy Street accounts.
Regular payment switching request As part of our account switching service, use this form to authorise us to obtain a list of your Regular Payment arrangements from your current financial institution
Third party authority to operate To authorise a third party to access and operate your account
Notice of variation of account details As part of our account switching service, use this form to advise us which regular payment arrangements you would like to switch to Easy Street. We will forward this form to the financial institution your suppliers bank with to action.
Alter account title
To alter the title/name of an existing account. 
Statement of Financial Position Statement of Financial Position
Reduce Credit Card Limit View our information on how to cancel your credit card account or reduce your credit card limit, On this page you will find links to either an online form or a PDF form which you can use to complete this request.

Card Transaction Investigation

Used to investigate a transaction.

Where to send correspondence

If you need to forward any correspondence to us, you can:

  • Post it to PO Box 98, Lidcombe NSW 1825
  • Scan it to
  • Fax it to 02 9735 1661