To report the loss, theft or unauthorised use of your Visa Debit card:

  • In Australia: Call the Visa card Hotline on 02 9959 7480 or 1800 648 027 (Australia wide toll free), 24 hours a day, everyday. Please also contact us to report it.
  • Overseas:  Call the lost and stolen hotline on +61 2 9959 7480 (24 hours 7 days a week)


What you should do if your card has been compromised?

If you discover an unauthorised transaction on your account as a result of your card being lost or stolen, you should:

  1. Contact Easy Street immediately on 1300 13 14 65 to report the incident
  2. Fill out a disputed transaction form and return it to us to submit your claim.

You can return it to us via any of the following methods:

  • Fax it to (02) 9735 1661
  • Scan it to
  • Post it to: PO Box 98 Lidcombe NSW 1825

Am I liable for unauthorised transactions on my card?

Under the EFT code of conduct you will not be liable for any unauthorised transaction where it is clear that you have not contributed to the loss.


How do I protect my card and account?

In order to prevent unauthorised use on your card(s), you should:

  • Check your account statements on a regular basis and report any unauthorised transactions to Easy Street immediately
  • Always keep your contact details with your financial institutions up to date
  • Always shield your PIN with your hand when entering it at ATM and EFTPOS terminals
  • Change your PIN at regular intervals and select PIN’s that are not easy to guess. E.g. Don’t use your date of birth
  • Do not write your PIN down or disclose it to any one
  • If you believe that some one has seen your PIN, arrange to have it changed right away via the mobile app
  • Always keep your card in your sight when you hand it to shop assistants – they should never leave the room with your card
  • Be sure to let us know if you are traveling overseas.

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