• Shopping Safely Online

    05 December 2017

    Avoiding the crowds at busy shopping malls is just one of the reasons many of us prefer to shop online at Christmas time.

    But be warned: Christmas is also a time when online cybercriminals go to work!

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  • Finder Award Finalist

    27 October 2017

    We are proud to announce that Easy Street’s Easy Low Rate Credit Card has been nominated for an award for Best Low Rate Credit Card from rate comparison site, Finder.

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  • Are You Financially Prepared for Christmas?

    06 October 2017

    The ultimate Christmas layby (even Santa would approve!)

    (ok, we know it’s October, but it’s time to hark what the Herald angels sing and start planning)

    There are only 11 Mondays left before Christmas.  Scary, right?

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  • Tips to pay off your home loan sooner

    25 August 2017

    Everyone wants a home loan with a great low rate. However, it’s important to know that a sharp low rate is not everything.

    At Easy Street, we wish to make having a home loan as simple and short lived as possible. Below are our helpful hints to pay off your loan faster by ensuring that you are using all your loans features and achieve financial freedom.


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  • Understanding 100% offset accounts

    11 August 2017


    Reducing the time is take to pay off your home loan takes more than just a low rate, the features and benefits attached to the loan play a very important role. Many Australians don’t understand how to use their home loan features to help pay off their loan sooner, and one of the most effective ways to do this is by taking full advantage of an offset account. 

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  • 3 ways to take control of your spending

    31 July 2017


    You’d be surprised how many people struggle to stay on top of their budgeting. If you’ve ever been hit with fees for rejected payments, been embarrassed by an insufficient funds message at the checkout, or keep dipping in to your savings, its time to take control. According to Easy Street, there are 3 ways you can take control of your spending by a simple re-structure of your accounts.

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