• Credit Card Reforms

    23 April 2019

    The way we calculate credit card interest is changing

    The Australian Government has passed new legislation that will change the way interest is calculated on credit card purchases from 1 January 2019. From 1 January 2019, all Australian financial institutions will need to adopt a new way of calculating credit card interest based on interest-free days. We are getting in touch with you now, to allow you time to contact us with any queries.

    What is changing?

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  • Early Banking Disruptor Presents New Face to Dissatisfied Customers

    07 November 2018

    Media release: 7 November, 2018


    Early banking disruptor presents new face to dissatisfied customers

    Easy Street launched in 2003 making it one of Australia’s first digital banks

    Key facts:

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  • A new look for our brand

    02 November 2018

    Next Monday evening - 5 November 2018, we will be unveiling a new look for our brand at
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  • Easy Street Extends Special Variable Home Loan Special With Highly Competitive Rate

    13 September 2018

    Media release: 7 September 2018


    Easy Street Extends Special Variable Home Loan Special with Highly Competitive Rate of 3.49%
    (comparison rate 3.52%p.a.*) 

    Available on a 5% deposit, ideal for first home buyers

    Key facts:

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  • Mobile App Update

    14 August 2018
    Existing Mobile Banking App users will soon be able to access enhanced card controls via the App. This will occur on Tuesday 14 August.
    In addition, on Thursday 16 August, all App users will receive a notification advising the need to upgrade their existing App version. This is so some changes to the App messages & notifications take effect. This will be a ‘forced’ upgrade which App users will need to complete before continuing to use the App.
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  • Simple tricks to make you stick to your budget

    05 July 2018

    You can do it on your Fitbit.  You can download an app that will nag you incessantly about your spending. You can even have savings automatically deducted every time you post on Instagram.

    Today, there are no end of tricks, tips and devices to help you budget and save.  But the good news is it all comes down to one very simple principle:  don’t spend more than you earn.

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  • Easy Street’s savings accounts pick up Mozo Experts Choice Awards

    20 March 2018

    Easy Street is excited to announce that our Bonus Saver and Easy Savings Account have been selected among the best-value savings accounts on the Australian market in the recently released Mozo Experts Choice Awards.

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  • What does your credit report say about you?

    05 July 2018

    Whether you’re switching phones to save a few dollars or buying a house worth hundreds of thousands, your credit report is usually one of the first check points to get through when applying for credit. Over the next 12 months, credit reports will begin to tell financial institutions more information about you, including;

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